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Dear All

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Please find the below the schedule for “Our House” rehearsals – January to May 2018.  The schedule is very tight so please ensure that you are at the necessary rehearsals.  Please highlight the rehearsals that you are required to attend and try to make any days/evenings out fall into those when you are not required. Please also highlight the dates for the payment of subs to ensure prompt payment if you have not paid in full – thanks.  Any problems please ring/text me on 07824 552431 or email me at    Please also check the Facebook page!!!  Cheers, Debs.

Date Time Led by To set Who’s required? Room
Weds 24th January 7.15-9.30pm David Cast and then Music Everyone Boughton

Main Hall

Sunday 28th January 5-8pm David Music Principals – bring phone to record lines Sitting Room Downstairs
Weds 31st January 7.15-9.15pm




Pages 1-18 including beginning of “Our House” and “My Girl” & opening dance bars Dancing couples, Dad, Kath, Joe, Emmo, Lewis, Priest, Nun, Billie, Angie, Sarah, Policeman, Copy Joe, Bartender Dave New Lounge

By kitchen

Sunday 4th February






Music with principals

Our House

As called


Day Centre downstairs
Weds 7th February 7.15-9.30pm




Debs/David Pages  18-32    including “Embarrassment” Dad, Magistrate, Joe, Solicitor, Council Solicitor, Youth Custody Officer, Kath, Reecey, Emmo, Lewis, Ray, Billie, Angie, Sarah, Careers Officer, Aunt, 4-5 chorus, Uncle, Dog Man, 2 Security Guards, Grandad, Clown. Boughton
Sunday 11th February 5-7.30pm Amy/David “Baggy Trousers” All except Dad, Kath, Mr Pressman. Day Centre
Weds 14th February

2nd Subs instalment due

7.15-9.15pm Debs/David Page 32-44   including “Driving in my car” Dad, Heather, Pressman, Joe, Reecey, Lewis, Emmo, London Alarms Boss, Sales Reps, Billie, Angie, Sarah, Salesman, New Lounge
Sunday 18th February 5-7pm David Music rehearsal As called Day Centre
Weds 21st  February 7.15-9.15pm Debs/David Page 44-57   including “Shut Up” Joe, Kath, Emmo, Lewis, Sarah, Dad, Reecey, Billie, Angie, Callum, 3 police, New Lounge
Sunday 25th Feb 5-7.30pm Debs/David Pages 1-56 Everyone Day Centre
Weds 28th Feb 7.15-9.30pm Amy “Tomorrow’s just another day/The sun and the rain” to page 59 Everyone except Pressman, Kath. Boughton
Sunday 4th March


5-7.30pm All Run Act 1 Everyone Boughton
Weds 7th March 7.15-9.15pm David/Amy Music and Dance Everyone Boughton
Sunday 11th March


5-7.30pm Debs


Pages 60-73   including “One Better Day”, “Our House” Reprise, “House of Fun/Rise and Fall”


Dad, Joe, Sarah, Kath, Billie, Angie, Emmo, Lewis, Mr & Mrs Pressman, Priest, Julie, 2 Heavies New Lounge
Weds 14th March

3rd subs instalments due

7.15-9.15pm Debs/David Pages 73-83  including “NW5”, “Embarrassment” Reprise, Joe, Angie, Billies, Emmo, Lewis, Dad, Sarah, Pressman, Clerk, Barrister, Harper, Smith, Massey, Lawyer, Callum, Reecey.


New Lounge
Sunday 18th March 5-7.30pm Amy/Debs “Wings of a Dove” Everyone Boughton
Weds 21st March 7.15-9.30pm Debs/David Pages 83-96 including “Must be love” Joe, Sarah, Emmo, Lewis, Copy Joe, Kath, Billie, Angie, Dad, Judge, New Lounge
Sunday 25th March 5-7.30pm Amy “The Sun and the rain” Everyone except Pressman, Kath, Dad Boughton
Weds 28th March 7.15-9.30pm Amy


“Our House”

Run Act 2



Sunday 1st  April No Rehearsal – Easter Sunday
Weds 4th April 7.15-9.15pm Andy Wedding Rehearsal All attending the wedding Boughton
Thurs 5th April Jude and Tony’s Wedding
Sunday 8th April 5-7.30pm Debs/Amy Act 1 Everyone Boughton
Weds 11th April 7.15-9.30pm All Act 2 including the bows Everyone Boughton
Sunday 15th April 5-7.30pm Amy/David Music and Dance revision Everyone Boughton
Weds 18th April 7.15-9.45pm Debs Full run All principals New Lounge
Sunday 22nd April 5-8pm Debs/David Full run Everyone Day Centre
Weds 25th April 7.15-9.45pm Debs Full run All principals New Lounge
Sunday 29th April 2-5pm




Full run

Costume Call





Weds 2nd May 7.15-10pm All Full run Everyone Boughton
Sunday 6th May





Debs & Crew


Get in


Band Call



Singing Principals

Old Rep
Monday 7th May 9.30-1pm All Dress Rehearsal Everyone Old Rep
Wednesday 9th May 6-10.30pm All Dress Rehearsal, photos Everyone Old Rep
Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th 6.30-10pm  Performances and Saturday matinee 1.30-5pm – Everyone Old Rep

Tickets will be on sale very soon.  A letter will be sent out to all members with information on how to book tickets so please get selling now!!!      Thanks. Debs.NB:  Jane will arrange some costume calls and will let you know when you will need to attend – watch Facebook page and listen in rehearsals!