The following people are ‘Friends of Youth Onstage’ and have done many great things for our company.

Mr P & Mrs B Arnold
Mrs D Brook
Mrs J Griffiths
Mrs D Hudson
Mrs S MacKay
Mrs J Petty
Mr A Pickard
Miss C Taylor
Mr K & Mrs L Terry

Honorary Friends of Youth Onstage

Mr C Campbell (Hon)
Mr P & Mrs K Draper (Hon)
Mrs J Granger (Hon)
Mr J Griffiths (Hon)
Mr R Griffiths (Hon)
Miss L Griffiths (Hon)
Mr M Hudson (Hon)
Mr L Hylands (Hon)
Mr A & Mrs H Jennings (Hon)
Mr J Lowe (Hon)
Mr R & Mrs E Pedley (Hon)
Mr D Peet (Hon)
Mrs Pepall (Hon)
Mr M & Mrs D Rawlins (Hon)
Miss S Rawlins (Hon)
Mrs S Sherlock (Hon)
Mr D & Mrs L Watson (Hon)
Mr D & Mrs S Whale (Hon)                                                                                                                                              

Mr M & Mrs J Ford-Terry (Hon)

We can always use more support. Please become a friend today for £10 per person or £15 for a couple and be a part of something magical.

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